Electrical Services

Installation of Multimedia Services

When you need TV installation, home audio & video, security cameras and other internet services for your home, ESCOM ELECTRIC mobilizes our staff on the site of experienced and knowledgeable installers, acting as the eyes and ears of the owner and interacting closely with the project team throughout the entire process.

TV installation

Our TV installation ensures that your TV will be the center of attention with a clean and elegant look. With thousands of televisions installed and counting, we have found every type of wall that has been built. (plasterboard, brick, stone, wood, plaster, metal uprights and even reinforced concrete.) Our TV installers come fully equipped with everything they need for work. We make sure that your TV is placed exactly where you want it and that it works to its full potential. If you are unsure about the location, we suggest the right height and viewing angle for your new television. Our work does not end until you are completely satisfied!

Home Audio-Video at your fingertips

Multimedia Tech makes advanced audio and video home technology easy, offering a lifestyle of convenience and convenience. Total control is always within your reach. With just one button, the lights dim, the shadows close, the flat screen TV turns on and you relax when your favorite movie starts. We join all these home audio and video systems so you can interact with them from a point of contact.

Whole Home Audio & Video

Imagine a life full of music and movies! Bright home theater and audio makes it possible to listen to music or watch TV/movies anywhere in your home: iTunes in the backyard, news radio in the kitchen, streaming music in the den, each set at an appropriate volume for the space.

Installation of Security Cameras

ESCOM ELECTRIC, provides installation services for high quality surveillance cameras for companies and homeowners. Many customers trust us for high-end security to protect their properties. Our services are customized to meet the specifications and budget of each client.

Installation of Internet Services

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without Internet. It has become a basic requirement in homes and businesses. ESCOM ELECTRIC is committed to installing reliable systems that help customers to have access to high-speed Internet at all times. Contact us for your internet installation needs. We offer customized solutions.