Electrical Services

Electrical installation Residential and Commercial

Electricity is a very important part of our life. We cannot imagine it without the appliances that in turn work with the help of electric power. However, electrical installation and electrical repair are very serious and failure to comply with safety regulations can cause damage to the wiring harness and damage. If you are not familiar with electricity, we recommend using ESCOM ELECTRIC professional services.

Our staff can handle all your domestic and commercial electrical installations and electrical repair needs, which include:

General electrical installation of your new home.

Electrical panel updates

The timely inspection and update of your electrical panel will avoid possible problems with the entire wiring harness of your home and will ensure additional security.


It is not very pleasant to waste time trying to untangle the cables and then connect them correctly. How long will that take? Our experts will do it in a moment! Repair of switches and switches – very often interruption in switches and power switches. We can solve them easily so that you have absolutely no worries.

Indoor / Outdoor lighting

In addition to the interior lighting, we can help you create a perfect lighting environment in your garden, so you will spend much more time outdoors.

Replacement or installation of ceiling fan

This work is for professionals. You can count as all the instructions and our electrician will install or replace your ceiling fan very quickly.

New construction

No matter if you move to a new house or are making a house change, you can be sure that your wiring harness will be perfect.


How often it happens when something is wrong and does not work, but you have no idea what the reason for the break is. Call the experts!